Spanish Spell checker


Spelling mistakes are the incorrect use of letters, accents, punctuation marks, words, and capitalization when writing. This spell checker is ideal for accurately writing in Spanish, boasting a lexicon that is among the most comprehensive in the Spanish language comprising over five million words. 

This spell checker features:

  • Vocabulary containing localisms and technical terms, extensive morphological capacity, and over 5,000,000 words.
  • Concise, accurate, and smart suggestion lists for frequent spelling mistakes, that is, those blunders that are easy to make when writing.
  • A suggestion engine specially built for Spanish phonetics, providing the most appropriate suggestions for typographical and spelling mistakes, based on the sound of words.

It includes spoken accents from all Latin American countries and Spain, as well as jargon used in specialist fields. The tool also recognizes all conjugated forms of verbs, and commonly used diminutives, augmentatives, suffixes, and prefixes in Spanish.