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The Encyclopedia of Spanish Language and all its content is published by Etecé Publishing House, an educational content producer dedicated to distributing free and reliable online encyclopedias to foster learning and inspire curious minds.

Origin of this encyclopedia

The linguistic tools provided by Lenguaje.com - Encyclopedia of Spanish Language were developed in 1999 by Signum, one of the leading language engineering companies dedicated to the Spanish language.

Signum Co. Ltd. began its operations in 1989, offering translation and localization services for companies like Apple Computer, Autodesk, Aldus, and Software Publishing Corporation, among others. From 1994 onwards, the company focused on research and development in the field of computational linguistics, releasing Ortógrafo in 1996, a spell checker regarded at the time as the most advanced and comprehensive in the Spanish language.

In 1998, Signum licensed its spell checker, thesaurus and hyphenator to Microsoft Corporation to be integrated into Microsoft Office 2000 and later versions.

In 2023, the project was revisited with the aim of launching the Encyclopedia of Spanish Language, the largest specialized encyclopedia of Language and Literature in Spanish, featuring content created and validated by specialists, along with the different linguistic tools developed by Signum and made available entirely free of charge.

Our objective

Our goal is to constantly enhance and broaden our various linguistic tools while becoming the reference encyclopedia for Language, Grammar, and Literature in the Spanish language.

As in every project we do, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable information on different topics of interest to inspire readers. We offer clear, authoritative content, created with the most in-depth analysis and adapted to the needs of today’s dynamic and ever-changing digital world, for everyone seeking simple, easy-to-understand explanations on the most varied areas of knowledge.

At Etecé we believe that all great learning is sparked by a question. To that end, every month we empower over 10 million people with the knowledge they need. We help readers get the answers to their questions through high-quality content and easy site navigation for a streamlined and inspiring experience.

Editorial values

Every single piece of content we create is conceived according to the following principles:

  • Lifelong learning. Learning is a lifelong process which enriches life. Our mission is to inspire readers with high-quality content that promotes education and sparks curiosity in the most varied audiences: whether it is a student studying for an exam, a teacher preparing a lesson, a parent helping their child or just the curious reader seeking to gain new knowledge.
  • Simple and accessible content for all. We distribute clear, easy-to-digest content suitable for all audiences. We endeavor to bring the simplest and most straightforward explanations even of the most complex concepts.
  • Objective and authoritative information. Our content is the result of the most rigorous research carried out by specialists in different areas of knowledge. Bibliography is included in our articles to allow for further analysis of the subject. In order to ensure the highest intellectual rigor, our team of experts jointly creates, revises and edits all the content we make available to you.
  • Constant revision. We constantly revise, update and improve our content in our search for excellence and opportunities for improvement.

Editorial style

Content is written following a predefined writing style:

  • Neutral. All our encyclopedic content is written in a neutral Spanish style, with standard terminology rather than regionalisms, to appeal to the expansive Spanish-speaking audience, across different customs, countries and dialects.
  • Objective. The tone of our articles is impartial, neither endorsing nor rejecting any particular point of view. Facts are presented in a factual, objective way, from a neutral perspective, without editorial bias or any personal appreciation of the subject.
  • Reliable. The information featured on our site is rigorously fact-checked and based on various authoritative and trusted information sources. We do not offer preferential treatment to any external information resource (whether corporate, publication, or affiliate). The editorial team is responsible for revising, editing and approving every article that is made available to you.
  • Simple and straightforward. We strive to communicate ideas in the clearest possible terms. We prefer short simple sentences and avoid an excessive use of adjectives, connectors, subordinates and commas.

The links in our articles serve the sole purpose of offering insight into further relevant content from our site, which may enhance the understanding of the subject. External links are provided in the case of sources used for content creation, or whenever they might supplement and contribute to the information published.

Quality standard

Behind every single piece of content lies a team of specialists who have worked to create accurate, high-quality content which is helpful and easy to understand. Each article aims at reflecting our editorial style.

Use of data, privacy and confidentiality

This privacy policy sets forth to describe how we collect, save or use the information we gather and applies to all personal data we may collect through the different services or pages available on this website. Your use of the Services means acceptance of our privacy policy and cookies.

How is this website funded?

This website is solely and exclusively funded through the sale of digital advertising space, which makes the distribution of our free high-quality content possible.

Digital advertising allows us to fund the recruitment of specialists and experts for content creation, server maintenance, and for the design and development of our encyclopedias. Both the content and the editorial guidelines of this website are independent of publicity. We do not sell nor offer any type of sponsored content whatsoever.

Terms of Use

All content made available on Encyclopedia of Humanities is for general informational purposes only. We do not warrant its completeness or its fitness for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on such content as legal, financial, medical or any other type of professional advice. We cannot and do not provide any express or implied warranties of any kind. The user takes full responsibility for the risks associated with the use of content on this site.

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